Soilcrete® – Jet Grouting

Small scale underpinning works were the beginnings of an unusual way of jet grouting. To reach today’s state of the art, additional development was necessary. The process was modified to suit different types of soils. The application was developed step by step to provide solutions to a variety of problems. Equipment was developed and improved. The Soilcrete®-technique has been enhanced constantly.

The jet grouting process “Soilcrete®” is recognized as a cement soil stabilization. With the aid of high pressure cutting jets of water or cement suspension having a nozzle exit velocity ≥ 100 m/sec eventually air-shrouded the soil around the borehole is eroded.

The eroded soil is rearranged and mixed with the cement suspension. The soil-cement mix is partly flushed out to the top of the borehole through the annular space between the jet grouting rods and the bore-hole. Different geometrical configurations of Soilcrete®-elements can be produced.
The erosion distance of the jet varies according to the soil type to be treated, the kind of Soilcrete®-process and the jetting fluid being used, and may reach up to 3.5 meter.