Stoc Expo Europe

03/20/2018–03/23/2018 Ahoy Rotterdam NL

In this new storage era, where the demand for oil continues to grow, there is huge competition in the ARA region with significant storage capacity under construction or being announced. Experts predict 2-3% capacity expansion over the next few years, with €600 million being invested into storage assets in Antwerp alone.

StocExpo Europe, the largest international event for the tank terminal industry, returns to Rotterdam Ahoy in March 2018. The three day exhibition and conference is hosted in the heart of the ARA region, the world’s largest oil and gas trading hub. With three days of business opportunities, networking and knowledge sharing, StocExpo Europe is an event not to be missed.

Keller is happy to welcome you at Booth J25 - Speaker from Keller: Bertrand Stoehr. Topic: Foundation of tank farms by custom-made optimized solutions and remediation of tank settlements

Stoc Expo Europe

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