4th Underground Infrastructure & Deep Foundations Middle East

11/13/2017–11/14/2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Keller as an Associate Partner.

Presentation Title:

Choosing the best ground improvement methods - Based on soil conditions and clients’ needs

- Grouting techniques that improve the foundation in existing facilities

- High loaded soil improvement techniques applied successfully for sensitive structures

- Value engineering on major ground improvement projects

Presenter: Dr. Robert Thurner

Info: With the Dubai metro extension, construction of the Creek Harbour District and sewage system developments underway, developers, main contractors, consultants and sub-contractors are looking to put in place best piling and foundation structures and source the most efficient methodologies to create robust underground infrastructure. However, when it comes to constructing alongside existing buildings, industry experts are facing a number of challenges. After conducting in-depth research with leading geotechnical and structural professionals in the region, we have identified a number of challenges that they are facing in their projects, around areas such as foundation design, soil conditions, waterproofing, groundwater control, and underground infrastructure protection. 


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