Keller Holding GmbH - Business Organisation

Keller Holding GmbH represents the EMEA Division of the Keller Group plc. The EMEA Division comprises all Keller activities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Latin America.

Business Units (BU)

Within the EMEA Division Keller Holding’s activities are split into the following Business Units:

  1. North West Europe
  2. Central Europe
  3. North East Europe
  4. South East Europe
  5. French-Speaking Countries
  6. Middle East
  7. Franki Africa
  8. Iberia and Latin America
  9. Brazil

For more information about the units, see below.

BU North West Europe
Keller NWE Map
BU Central Europe
Keller CE Map
BU North East Europe
Keller NEE Map
BU South East Europe
Keller SEE Map
BU French-Speaking Countries
Keller French Speaking Countries Map
BU Middle East
Keller ME Map
BU Franki Africa
Keller Sub-Saharan Africa Map
BU Iberia and Latin America
Keller Iberia and Latin America Map
BU Brazil
Keller Brazil Map